Saturday, November 29, 2003

Party Pooper

Okay... First thing first... I've seen other blogs on here that have a place to put comments, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to get it working. If anyone has a way of getting this to work, email me at There is obviously a reason why I'm not in IT any more. I suck at it.

Speaking of extreme suckage, I appear to be too smart for my own good in terms of playing poker. For those who don't play low limit Hold'Em, the micro limits that I play at are loose during the weekdays, and insane on weekends and holidays. A good table to sit at for me is one where there are 3 or so fish and the rest solid to at least sane players. Once you get over 5 fish at a table, it rapidly turns into a crapshoot and the varience goes through the roof. If I had the bankroll to handle it, I wouldn't be so weary of it, since riding through the varience can exact a pretty respectible win, but when you're under $100 and trying to parlay that into something you can work with, varience = BAD.

So, for the last few days I'm convinced that I've just been picking the wrong tables, as the insane No Fold'Em action is just munching my bankroll, and I just don't have the stones to roll along with 7 callers/raisers all the way because you just never know what's a good hand and what's crap. Big Pocket pairs, like QQ, KK, AA, are garbage. Pretty much if you don't manage to catch a flush or a boat, you're in some serious trouble, and I just don't like playing to the draw every hand. This is, likely, my problem. I try to play tight, but today I watched some Bozo sit down and raise completely insane hands like 3-4 offsuit and he just completely OWNED the table. Miracle draws, bullying people off pots, talking smack. It was beautiful and infuriating all in the same breath. No one could put him on a hand. Anyone going for the pot with him was rolling the dice. Maybe he had the stone cold nuts, maybe he had a fistful of shit. You had to pay the meter to find out. His varience was unreal, with swings of 20 to 30 bucks (this is a .50/1 table, mind you), but he walked away doubled up from when I sat down with him. I didn't know whether I wanted to kill him for his money or his brains, but I was damn sure I wanted to kill him...

In any event, I got my ass handed to me in the ring game, so I decided I'd try a few $5 sit and go tourneys. A strange thing happened... I started winning. The first tourney I was in decent shape about mid game with 6 people left when I started a run of cards that allowed me to simply smack the table around. By the time it was over 3 guys remained and I was the dominant chip leader. After that, it was just a matter of sitting it out and waiting for a hand that I could shove someone out with. Managed 1st in that one.

Second one was a typical tourney. First hand out of the box I look down at AK offsuit in mid-position, and I start gunning. The cards were nice enough to fall in my direction and I had plenty of company to the river, so I managed to scrape in a nice pot and was able to crawl back in my hole while the table sorted itself out. Once the field was thinned a little bit, I started to work, but it wasn't quite as easy... By the time there were 6 people left I was in terrible chip position, about 4th. The cards were missing me and the blinds were hurting. I survived long enough for 2 more people to go out, and made my stand with a QJ offsuit. Didn't work... Managed to go all in against a KK and that was all she wrote.. Out in 4th, no money.

Third S&G was interesting in that I wasn't there for half of it... No sooner had the chips been distributed and the high card dealt for starting button position that my internet connection took a dive. Long story short, I spent 20 minutes sitting in a tourney I wasn't in...

Exciting conclusion later.. Gotta get out of here.


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