Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Junior Manhandled

So, this is day two of my scheduled 3 days off...

And I'm at work. Putting in a nice 14 hour day.

I've done a pretty good job of trying to keep this blog on poker subject matter, so I'll try to keep this short... Poker content follows for those who don't care about me personally (grin).

Anyway, I work a 4 on, 3 off schedule, and my days on are Thursday through Sunday. Last week was pretty hideous. For those not keeping up with current events, Chicago got it's ass kicked on Sunday by a winter storm. For those of us who work in the airline industry, this is bad. For those of us who's airlines' main hub is IN Chicago, this is a train wreck. We also serve Apsen and Vail (Eagle) Colorado. The snowstorm that kicked Chicago's butt spent the previous two days laying down about 3 feet of loose powder on the slopes of Colorado. So, for 3 of the 4 days I worked last week, it was a Alaskan sized goat rope. By then end of it all, I was ready to head to my mother's place in the beautiful Northwoods of Wisconsin for 3 days of well deserved rest and relaxation with my wife. Monday comes, and we saddle up and head out.

My wife was looking for a new job for the last few weeks, so she forwards her cell phone to my mom's place so that if someone calls she'll get the call at the cabin. An hour and a half later, we arrive, already feeling the decompression. Then I learn that the head Bossman called.

You guessed it. We're flat out of dispatchers, and I get involuntarily assigned a shift. So I got to spend exactly 18 hours with my wife in relaxation-land.

And of course, today is a complete clusterfuck, so I'll be here until at least 2:30am. Weeee.

Okay, poker. I, of course, have played none since my huge Sunday previously mentioned. In fact, up until this afternoon, I thought nothing of poker. Sometimes giving your mind a break is good.

I will likely play some tomorrow, but I have a few random thoughts I'll throw out there.

Chris Halverson had an interesting discussion about scare cards.

Let's say, for example, you have pocket JJ in late position and get your set on the flop. The flop, however, contains 2 of the same suit. You start the ram and jam and get called to the river which just happens to match the suit of the two from the flop. At this point, the guy in early position, who has only checked this whole time, but has called all the way to the river, decides to bet.

For the purpose of this discussion, we'll state that nothing on the board is over a Jack, there are no straight possibilities on the board and nothing on the board paired, so no chance of a boat. The only possible scare is the flush possibility. Lets further assume that your ram-and-jam has attracted at least a couple of buyers to the river. Now, your scare cards hits on the river, and an otherwise quiet caller ahead of you all of the sudden bets out. You've played with this guy before and you know that he only bets or raises with the nuts. The pot is 25BB.

What do you do?


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