Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Hunt and Peck

Yesterday was some mixed results. I think I've sort of figured out that, during the evening and weekends, I should stick to the sit and goes, and during the weekdays when the play is tighter, I do well in ring games. More or less. Insane people in sit and goes make life alot easier because people tend to eliminate each other faster and I'm not too scared of the "lucky moron" who has a monster stack when his play is insane.

In any event, I managed to get my ass handed to me in two sit and goes. Finished 7th in both. I knew I was in trouble when the whole table was still there after a complete rotation. The table was tight and I was getting marginal cards. Again I found myself making stabs at the pot but just not having the hands to back it up, so I got whittled down again. The second game I just simply got spanked in. I got some outstanding cards early on and they got out drawn, so I was the short stack very early on. I managed to stay on life support until a few people were eliminated, but I just didn't have the stack to survive the blinds and eventually had to make my stand with a Q-J of hearts, which promptly got called up by pocket Kings and that, as they say, was that.

Bruised from my poor performance at the S&G's I decided to head back to the 50/1 table and am pleasantly surprised to find a nice tight table with only one or two loose guys. I sat there for a bit and managed to rake in a couple of pots and left up $6, so I made up half of my losses. As I was playing this table, I brought up one of the $25 no limit tables and watched. I was in love instantly. I think the fish are intimidated by the no limit games, so there are very few there. This is great, because no limit also helps you read what other people have by their bet decisions, and in the world of online poker, you don't have the luxury of watching the player. Sat down with $11 and almost doubled it in 20 minutes. Could be a fluke, but if I show up with $11 and play ultra-tight/agressive I shouldn't need to worry about getting hurt too bad.

I've signed up for the Lucky Dollar tourney on Party Poker. Wish me luck!


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