Thursday, January 08, 2004

Busy Busy Busy

Apologies for not updating like a article writing fiend. Been pretty nutty the last couple of days, as I'd mentioned previously.

I did get some play in on UB. Started off incredibly well. Played a kill table and a standard ring game. The ring game was quiet, but I quickly found myself up $20 on the Kill table. I was on fire, the cards were falling my way again... Things were clicking when....

I got disconnected.

The wife was trying to fix something and accidentally hit the plug for the cable modem, so I suddenly found myself dead in the water.

Once I finally did get back on, the magic was clearly over. The cards shut down on me. I bailed from the kill table after bleeding away $5, up $15 on that table, and concentrated on the standard ring game, which I was down about $4 on. I was getting killed. Just a bunch of better hands then mine. I played aggressively post flop again, but I was getting brutalized by pocket pairs. I must have fallen to pocket kings 4 times and pocket rockets at least once. I even had the pleasure of my flush being beaten by a royal flush. I was actually happy for the guy, as UB has a "best hand" jackpot that he's sure to cash in on. I lost big on that one though, as I was just ramming the snot out of the flush I had. After about an hour and a half of stumbling around and missing flop after flop, I finally resigned down $10 on the table, for a net gain of $5 on the evening. Not bad by any stretch, but if I'd have just quit when I was disconnected, I would have notched $25 in the 'W' column.

Never bitch about a winning session, though. I also logged onto Party tonight for about 3 minutes. Over 27,000 people on. On a Thursday. I immediately found a nice table full of calling stations devoid of clues and folded a few rounds, until I got some goofy hand in the big blind that turned into top pair, good kicker and I managed to notch a $3 profit.. I promptly left when the wife, the girl she's babysitting, and the cat with a rattle ball all entered the room seeking entertainment.

Who am I to disappoint.

I'll get into the discussion of the question posed in "Junior Manhandled" tomorrow, so you still have a day to put in your two cents worth. Depending on the response I get (I have good responses, but no enough), I might play more "Gillette Says, 'You Make The Call'" games with you all! Discussion and debate spur imagination and education.


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