Monday, May 03, 2004

26 of 1487

I sat down Monday late morning to play a little poker, and on a whim I checked to see what was going on in the land of multi-table tourneys... Turns out there was a $5+$1 multi starting up in 15 minutes. What the heck, I figured, and hit the register button, figuring I was going to do my best to survive to first break but after that I figured I was done.

4 hours later I find myself deep in the money, but a card dought finds me low on chips. I managed to make a few decently bold moves to stay ahead of the blinds, but eventually cold cards and huge blinds did me in and in 4 hours a 29 minutes I get knocked out trying to fill a flush and missing. +$48. I'm amazed I actually lasted that long. I also am starting to have delusions that I might actually be pretty good at this multi-table tourney stuff. I may just try another one, but asking me to sit in front of this thing for 5 hours at a stretch is a bit much.

Also got some 1/2 6 Max ring action in during a rare evening session. Interestingly enough, I found tougher competition during the evening then I did during the mornings. Still alot of cheese being played, but a lot more aggressively. I hit a set of Jacks against the resident maniac at our table and we capped both the turn and the river, when he turned over some bizzare cheese for a turned straight I never even saw coming. That hurt bad, but I managed to claw back to make back all but $5 of it. So, around $45 for the day.

I'll take it.


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