Saturday, January 10, 2004

Fun With Calling Stations

Got in about 2 hours of Party .50/1 goodness today. For the record, I only play 1 table at a time. I find that I do better playing one table at a time, and I'm in no hurry to be rich, so this is fine with me.

I sat down at a table with two classic calling stations to my right and a ultraloose-aggressive guy across from me. The aggressive guy was busted out within 5 minutes and left, leaving the usual smattering of tight/passive players and, of course the two calling stations.

I think I hate calling stations, especially when they act before me. Several times I had what I thought were great hands. The calling stations would be holding trips on the flop and a boat by the river and all they'd do is check/call. I got blindsided like three times by these guys just playing ultra-passive poker. I think the only time one of these nippleheads actually bet out, they had big slick and managed to flop aces full of kings. Of course, when they bet out, I immediately mucked my AQs. Actually, they did it another time too.. I was holding onto KK and an ace flopped... Caller boy actually bet. I mucked. He had rockets. I was up about $15 at one point, but with the calling stations hitting their hands and not making any indication of it at all, I got rocked down to about -$7... Caught a good pot to put me back to around +$3.50 and I called it a day.

Total take, +$3.50. It's not the $14 I lost the other day, but it's not a loss either. Any win is a good win.

As mentioned in my last post, looks like you can stick a fork in the Horseshoe. It's a shame. I really wanted a chance to play some poker in that hallowed hall, but alas, it may well never be. Sources have the outcome of an operable Horseshoe Casino at the end of this as bleak. Gotta wonder what the World Series of Poker is going to do now that the host casino is mothballed. Probably go to the Bellagio.


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