Thursday, May 06, 2004

"What The...."

Those words slipped from my lips a couple of times today during my rather short review of hands played yesterday. Clearly someone took control of my body and had me clicking "raise" when I should have been hitting "fold" or "check" when I should have been hitting "bet". I wanted to post a couple of my real idiot plays up to further embarrass myself, but the converter site was down, so that didn't happen.

My memory sort of fails me about what exactly I was doing, but to give you some idea, here are some reasonable facsimiles of what went down...

JTs UTG+1 and I call to see the flop with a late caller and the BB. Flop comes 2d3hAd. BB checks, I check, LP bets, BB folds... What do I do? I friggin call! It gets worse... Turn comes a rag and I BET in some strange attempt to move the LP bettor off the pot. LP raises and I finally come to my senses and fold. WTF?

KTo 2 off the button. Folded to me and I call?! Everyone else but the BB folds and we're heads up with a flop that comes all small and two diamonds. Having missed, I check, BB bets and I call. Turn is a K and I'm thinking I'm money here, so I bet and he calls. River is a small card but it's a diamond. I bet and am raised. I call to see BB turn over Q2d for the rivered flush. Outstanding. What the hell am I doing in that hand with KT, especially out of position?!

I didn't get a chance to really check out any more idiot plays, as I had to go do stuff, but I'll take some time tomorrow perhaps and look.

I think the biggest problem is I got cocky. Especially when I was hard pressed that day to find a sucker player who was running up an incredible VP$IP percentage. The highest I saw that day was around 40% or so. Logically, I should be tighter and more selective in the face of these guys, but for some reason I had it in my head that I could push these guys around.

Yeah, right.

Now I have to get the nerve back to dive back in. -$80 is the biggest loss I can remember suffering. It seems like a huge amount, but then I look at people like HDouble and a loss of that amount seems trivial. For my bankroll, now back to the mid $300's, it's quite a chunk.

/// Bowling Update ///

Dunno if I'm going to make this a regular column or not. I have to try to put more interesting content in my blog, since HDouble and The GodFather's posts kick the shit out of my content and then steal it's lunch money.

Since, for some inexplicable reason, the bowling center I bowl at doesn't open until 3:00 in the friggin afternoon, I have to resort to late night practice sessions after work. I met the wife at the alley around 11:00 and get to work. Lane conditions were, in a word, horrible. By 11:00, the lane had seen several hours of open bowling, followed by a league round, so the lanes were as bad as they're going to get...

Which is exactly how I like them. What good is practice in pristine lanes? The good news is, I was en fuego pretty much from the get go, and I finally found a spot on those damn lanes that work for me.

The final tally was 183, 187 and 226 for a 596 round.

The bad news is, by the end of it, I could hardly walk. It appears my legs are very, very, very out of shape. After 3 games of squat, my right leg (I'm left handed), was just about done doing any sort of work at all. I haven't experienced pain like that since I had surgery done to my toe and they shot the novicaine between my toes.

Okay, bowling blog is boring as hell, I imagine. Nevermind.


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