Friday, June 11, 2004

Faith Restored

Total hands played = 320
Amount Won = +$54.50

I needed this one. After the last week, I was seriously beginning to wonder if I had forgotten how to play this game. Today though all the decent hands held up, and I was lucky enough to land a couple of monster hands and get the typical action you'd expect from the 50/1 tables.

Here's a big factor to today's successes, I think. My VP$IP (voluntarily put money into the pot, for those not familiar with this term) was a tick under 12%. I did an aweful lot of folding. In contrast, the last two days my VP$IP was around 19%. Still a good rate, to be sure, but on tables where anything that can happen usually did, you want to be damn sure you've got the best chance at holding the best hand before you continue. I also was not playing position and odds correctly the last two days, and I think that caught me a lot of the times. Out of practice, I guess.

We'll see if this holds up. I'm cautiously optomistic about my month so far. I haven't had a losing month playing ring games since November, and I certainly don't want to start now!

I've also begin bonus whoreing the casino sites. This apparently is all the rage on Two Plus Two lately. In any event, I bought into Lucky Nugget and played through the requirements, and ended up about $150 to the good. Hopefully they'll let me take my money out now! I feel so dirty ganking these bonuses, but hey, if they didn't want people taking advantage of them, they wouldn't offer it!

My hope is that this "casino whoreing" thing will help to get me comfortably out of this 50/1 hell I'm currently in. If I have the money to do it, the next casino gives a 200% bonus up to 100 "units". Units being either Euro, US Dollars or British Pounds. Seeing as how the exchange rate is currently $1.80 per £1.00, I can certainly see how this would benefit. The Captain Cooks bonus has changed to a 200% bonus, but they require you to play 55x your bonus. Once you do this with both the bonus and real money accounts, you're looking at 16,000 units wagered. Yikes. If I did this in USD, it would be $200 bonus for $100, for an EV of $142.40, however if I did this in GBP, the EV would be $259.03... I think. I'm figuring Standard deviation would yield 142.4 units, and £142.40 = $259.03. Hmmm...


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