Friday, October 28, 2005

Edging Back In... The Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing

"...I wish I could unscrew my head and kick it out the door..." -- Joe Satriani

Party Poker Rule #7: If you have a pocket pair, so does someone else.

Ah yes... The subtleties of Party Poker. Of all the interesting...quirks...of Party, this one stands out as most obvious. Note to all mathmeticians out there... What are the odds, given a 10 person table, of two people having pocket pairs? Three? Let's take it a step further... How about the odds of the inferior pocket pair hitting the set on any street?

Okay, I'll leave that for now. I have managed to meet the $50 minimum for my rakeback, and will be taking my leave of Eurobet, now that their subscibership has been reduced by 90%... So I'm looking for a new home for my ring game play. I don't really want to put it into Party just yet, seeing as how I'm still farting around with the Sit and Go Challange (46 rounds done at $5+$1).

I'm also trying to catch back up on my fellow bloggers....blogs. Hopefully you all haven't forsaken me as I have neglected to post since...forever.

So, who still out there that reads my drivel?

For the moment, I'm going to hold off on my ring games until I can extract the cash out of Eurobet and move it elsewhere and concentrate on the S&G challange. It will be slow going, intentionally. I've resolved to only play at most three sit and goes a day. Beyond that, either I'm on a good run and don't want to ruin it, or I'm dying and don't want to lose my temper!

Okay... off to the showers. 12 hour day ahead of me at work.


At 10:31 AM, Blogger JD said...

Satriani rules :-)


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