Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Fossilman, Dammit!

"How about a nice game of chess?" -- WOPR - Wargames

I've had a cold the last couple of days. Not one of those wimpy sniffly colds either... We're talking agnus of God kind of headcold. I woke up the other day so congested I literally could not swallow. Thankfully, that only lasted for about an hour, but I was still in pretty bad shape... Since I've been in nasty shape, I've had time to cruise the daytime television fare. Bottom line, I found the coverage of the WSOP 2005. The words "sea of humanity" doesn't seem to fully describe the field at the event. These days to make it to the final table you need to be good AND extremely lucky.

I want a piece of that action!

Unfortunately, I'm about $9700 short of the buyin at this point... Oh well..It's a goal.

The grind continues. It appears that Party has taken their ball and gone home in terms of the skins. I was on a rakeback deal with Coral. Trouble is they don't pay the rakeback until you have $50 totalled up. I'm about 30 cents short of that, but playing $.50/$1 limit, that goes pretty slow. When you're playing that level and they're only a dozen tables around, well you get the picture... I'm going to finish out the $50 and then move that cash over the where the party really is...Party.

Speaking of Party, the Sit and Go challenge is still plodding along. Managed a 5th place finish and a 1st place finish yesterday. Wins are a little harder to come by, these days. The day of the ├╝ber-fish seems to have come and gone, at least in the sit and goes. There's plenty of fish left in the pond, but I haven't seen one of those games where three people are gone within the first 5 hands anymore. Luckily, there seems to be a lot of weak-tight people to take their place. In many ways I much prefer those types.. At least they're predicatable.

Anyway, here's the graph of my progress so far... With 35 rounds played in $5+$1 NL Hold-Em, and a starting bank of $50, I'm now at $125, or +$1.43 per tournement.

Okay, off to do battle with number 36...


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