Thursday, December 11, 2003

I Survived the Dulles Delay Program And All I Got Was This T-Shirt

Would someone PLEASE update their blog so I have something to read?!

I did manage to end-run the Bordermangler here at work so now I can read the forums at 2+2. Ph34r my l337 H4XX0r 5kIIlz. It is some good reading there, but it's also depressing... Why, you say? Well read on, my friends.

I can't find what I'm doing wrong. Which doesn't necessarily mean I'm not doing anything wrong, but rather that I'm doing the right things and still paying the price for them. Basically, any time you play a strong hand correctly and you get beat by someone who shouldn't have been in the hand to begin with (Q4o in early position would be a good example), you should automatically be able to reach across the virtual table and drag his bankroll away. Under normal circumstances, this would be happening, but, well... You've read how this goes.

Things are going so-so with the Party Sit and Go thing... I need to figure out how to get to the later stages of the tourney without being such a chip underdog. As it is, by the time I get to to 50/100 blinds, I don't have much time to make a move. This is also difficult when I run into a table where everyone has the same philosophy as me. I did one today before going to work. 8 of us were still around, and in decent chip shape, when the blinds went to 50/100. At this point, it really sort of turned into a free for all, since no one could just hang out and wait for the blinds to eat them alive. Of course, about this time the cards dried up on me, and having this many people still around really cramped up my normal playing style, so I struggled along to a 5th place finish.

I seem to have come up with a decent strategy to get me into the money, but I can't seem to crack into that magical #1 spot since a few weeks ago. I don't know if I should loosen up a little earlier, or if I should get more aggressive when I do open up. I heard somewhere that a good player tends toward the opposite of what the rest of the table is doing, in that if a table is tight, a good player will loosen up a little and start dictating the table, but if a table goes loose he tightens up and strikes only when he has the best of it. Perhaps these Sit and Goes will be a good training ground for me. To survive with so few chips in the game, you have to know exactly when to start loosening up and making moves. I'm just nervous about running into a decent hand if I make a move with a marginal one. I suppose with the tournament format that Party provides, you have to lay it on the edge every once in a while. I'm learning.

It might help if I don't play these tourneys in the weekday mornings, either. Seems at those hours these tourneys are rock gardens. Trouble is, I work nights. What to do. Perhaps at those hours the ring games are a little more predictable, but I'm not jumping back into that fire just yet. Perhaps I'll just play some more at UB.


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