Monday, December 08, 2003

People Are Broken

Once upon a time, the newsgroup was a good source of information for both the aspiring poker player and the complete newbie.

Those days are gone.

The festering cespool of brainiacs that spew upon the group there now are more then enough sideband interference to drown out the intelligent, thoughtful and useful posts of knowlegable poker enthusiasts and professionals.

I haven't been to 2+2 yet, partly because I can't read it at work. I understand that their interface is a hack job, though. I'll have to see for myself. I just wish I could read it at work... I don't know of enough poker blogs to keep myself entertained during all the downtime here. So, either I need to figure a way to circumvent the Net Nanny, or all my blogging brothers need to post more! (grin)

I have an interview for a new position in the company coming after my shift. Wonderful. I need to be mentally agile for this interview, and instead my brain is mush. That being said, my first interview for this position a few weeks ago was punctuated by my sudden and unexplainable inability to form complete sentences. Brain lock isn't typically a feature of mine when faced with stressful situations, and considering this position requires me to, in effect, supervise the dispatchers on the floor, folding under pressure is not something you'd want in a candidate. I'll just have to suck it up and bring my A game.

Speaking of my A game, I think today is the day I'm going to turn the corner here in my poker playing. I feel, in a word, lucky.

No doubt because of this post, you'll soon be reading how I managed to get slaughtered on the tables. But seriously, how long can a bad streak last? Mine is going on about 3 weeks now.

Though now that I think about it, I haven't exactly been LOSING money... Just not making any. So, I don't think I could really categorize this as a bad run, just a stagnant run.


I suck. I've had to re-edit this thing twice for stupid context errors...

Lack of sleep = -EV


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