Monday, December 08, 2003

What Did He Say?

Re-reading my previous post, it appears my witty writing abilities diminish exponentially with my fatigue level.

As a result, I might occasionally repeat some things I say, in that I'll say some things repetitively.

This is day 3 of 3 for these morning shifts, though, so I'll be back to my regularly scheduled self by tomorrow.. In the mean time, please forgive the grammatical and content errors, and just enjoy this wild and crazy Monday. Which is actually my Friday.

Though, potentially every day is Friday. At least, that's what Friday's claims, though I'm sure I'd have something to say about that if I worked at Friday's and either expected a check every day since, you know, payday is Friday, or never saw a check because since it is always Friday, and payday isn't on Friday, payday will never come.

I'd blame this mental (-ly retarded) diatribe on the Stacker 2, but I haven't taken one yet. I'm waiting for the aspirin to take effect.

4 more hours... That's all I gotta make it to...


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