Thursday, December 04, 2003

Broken Toys

Party is still broken. This is infuriating. What's worse, I'm fed up and I'm wanting to take my money out, but there's two problems with this. The first being, well, Party is broken and won't let me log in. The second problem is, or might well be, that I can't make withdrawals under $50. My bankroll is somewhere in the $45 range.. So I have to get onto Party to boost my bankroll up to $50 or better so I can take it out and go elsewhere.

I'm thinking UltimateBet might be a good place, as they have .25/.50 games, and with a $50 bankroll, I can more easily work it up to a reasonable amount. Right now, with that bankroll on the 50/1 tables, I'm sort of living on the edge, since it's only really 50BB, and a reasonable bankroll is more like 200BB.

I'm about fed up with Party, though. Fish pond or not, I can't sit around all day long waiting for Party to get its shit together.

Maybe if Party does manage to figure it out, I'll deposit $50 and then take out $75, leaving a little under $25 in there. Probably not going to do very well with $25 in Party, but at least I'll still be able to get in there and make a run for it. I expect that, with a $25 bankroll, I'll get ate up as that certainly isn't a deep enough bankroll to support the variance, but who knows, I might get lucky. In the mean time, I'll dump $25 into UB and get to work on the tiny limit cash games there to see if I can't build that up some.

I dunno.. Maybe I'm just being a spaz. All I know is, I'm sitting here for the third day straight waiting for Party to get fixed. Not a good thing if you're a business intent on, you know, staying in business to deny your customers a product.

Guess that's what they get for hiring some pimply faced 18 year old MCSE to run your server farm.



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