Wednesday, December 03, 2003

A Turnaround?

Okay, I wouldn't really call it a turnaround yet, but I did manage to hit up another $10 or so on the 50/1 tables... This is, definately, a good trend. I will feel alot better when my bankroll is back over $100, but at least now it's back to $53, so hopefully I don't suffer too many bad beats and I can work that up out of the red and into the yellow. The green arc starts at about $200 for the 50/1 tables. The plan is, once I get to around $250 or $300 I'll take a shot at the 1/2 table. Word has it it's just as wild and crazy as the 50/1 table, though, so I'll definately need the bankroll to survive the varience there.

Turns out the Lucky Dollar tourney was cancelled... Actually, Party had refunded my buck by around the noon hour, but I hadn't noticed since it was, you know, a buck. It's probably better off, anyway.. If by some grace of God I did win it, I would then have to figure out how to get those 4 days off in January to play in the tourney. Though it would rock the free world if I did manage to win a boat ride for my lovely wife and I, I think getting fired to do it might prove ultimately unproductive. I'm no Chris Moneymaker, so I won't dilute myself into thinking that I'd be at the final table on the boat. The $1 tourney is a good way to get multi-table tourney experience though without putting alot of scratch down.


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