Tuesday, December 02, 2003


Ya know.. I don't get that many days off... Especially where the little lady isn't around so I can sit here and play cards without that little self conscious voice in the back of my head saying I should be doing something else.

So, of course, Party Poker is fucking up in new and inventive ways. First their tourney system craps itself, so I decide to go play some of that $25 no limit I was talking about... You know how I was saying there's less stupid people in $25 no limit? I was wrong. And, dammit, if I ever get pocket aces again, I am going to muck them so fast even Mike Sexton wouldn't have time to comment on it. Long story short, $10 rolled up and smoked when I get pocket aces and decided to do a "drag and bag". It sort of worked in that I got alot of callers, but since I'd been mucking everything for the last 45 minutes (crap hand day again), as soon as I put out a decent raise, everyone bailed... Except one asshole, who was holding onto...

wait for it...

JT offsuit... with a board of something like K4J.

So, of course in Party Poker style, Turn is a rag and the River comes a 10, so I go broke on someone I should have owned.

That's poker, I suppose... Either way, I suppose it's good that Party has just shit itself, since, believe it or not, I'm a little tilted. I had just opened up two 50/1 ring games and was sitting down to "fuck it, I don't care if I go broke today" mode. Probably a good thing I didn't.

But now, I have a little problem. My bankroll is under $40, and I'm friggin MIRED in some sort of crap that I suddenly can't get anywhere. In fact, at one point, I was over $100, and I've busted down to $40. Depressing. I still am unsure of what to play where, and I imagine once I get my grimy paws on the tome of Lee Jones I should be able to at least feel a little more confidence at the table.

It's kind of nice having this blog. If I get spooled up, I come on here and vent. It makes me feel better and I'm sure it's infinately entertaining to the 3 people who might read this in a month.

Speaking of anyone reading this, I'm going to stick a "comments" thing on here, just as soon as I can figure out how... Some links are comming too. Since I appear to have nothing else to do at the moment, perhaps I'll get to work on that now.


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