Thursday, December 04, 2003

Buck! Buck!

Well, I'm currently waiting for Party to, again, un-fuck itself.

I jumped into the Lucky Dollar tourney going on today, which, remarkably, didn't crash before it started...

It did, however, seem to implode about 40 minutes into it.

I'm still around, just a few hundred chips above the current average, with some 790 folks left from an initial 1177. Currently the tourney is paused for an undisclosed period of time. This of course means I can't leave to go switch laundry or anything, for fear the thing will start back up while I'm in the basement, but on the other hand, I could be sitting here for hours again.

In other news, I'd like to start linking to some other blogs I've found inspiring, but my total tonnage of suck when it comes to figguring out this Blogger thing would probably violate most state laws. If anyone can help me out trying to get this so I can put some links under the archive area, I'd most appreciate it.

I managed to scratch in about a $5 profit on the 50/1 tables. I'm trying to be more aggressive when I think I have the nuts, and it's working out so far, but there hasn't been alot of opportunity to capitolize as the tables I've found have been a mix of tight/passive players and decent players who know when to get the heck out of Dodge. I can't get tricky and try to rope the decent guys because then the tight/passive folks will start getting free cards, and I can't have that stuff happening. I had moved to a pretty live table with lots of money moving around, but then the cards dried up so I sat quietly watching $17 pots shove all over the table. Eventually, I had to bail to get into this Lucky Dollar thing, which I am thinking was probably a bad idea, since it's still broke.

A hearty WTF to that.


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