Thursday, December 04, 2003

The Delicate Sound of My Head Crashing Into the Desk

Once upon a time, I was a patient man. Really, if things went to shit, I would be able to breath easy, take the problem one step at a time and things would get resolved.

I don't know what the heck happened, but them days are over. Spurred on by the flying shitball service that Party has been offering up, I decided to start doing business elsewhere... No, for those of you keeping score, remember, I'm poor, so I can't be dumping a half a bill into every poker site I see... So UltimateBet has $25 minimum deposits and has $.25/$.50 games available, which makes a $25 bankroll at least passable.

So, I get Firepay all spooled up, which went reletively well... Then I went to deposit those $25 into the UB account, except it's pissed because my email I registered UB with isn't matching the one I registered Firepay with. "No worries" I think to myself, and change the email address on UB....


Now it won't send me the email it demands I respond to to get UB to accept anything from me.

Somehow this is Microsoft's fault.. I know it to be true.

Needless to say, instead of padding my bankroll, I'm looking for aspirin.

Actually, this gets funnier... I'm finally lost for words, so I click on their little "help" button... The high quality front end of theirs responds with....


Yes, that's right, folks. I can't get anywhere with this interface.

Someone please take out a gun and shoot me.


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