Sunday, December 21, 2003

Saturday Night Fever


What would come to your mind when you think Party Poker on a Saturday night? Visions of players simply gambling their money away, completely mindless calls with garbage hands. Dollar bills falling from the skies. Blah blah blah.

Absolutely NONE of that was happening yesterday.

I figured that, since I'm cutting out a pretty good profit during the weekdays, where you'd think the games would be tougher, I should be able to clean up on Saturday, when all the freaks come out.

$10-$1 Sit and Go -- finished 4th -$11
$10-$1 Sit and Go -- finished 4th -$11
$5-$1 Sit and Go -- finished 7th -$6
$10-$1 Sit and Go -- finished 7th -$11

Total tourney take -$39


To be perfectly honest, half of this crappy result isn't anything more then just some crap luck.

The first loss, I was in a great chip position. I picked up top pair after the flop, and went all in to scare off the competition. Didn't happen, and the guy rivered his miracle ace to put me away.

The second 4th place finish was a result of me just simply not getting any cards. I eventually wasted down to T400 in chips due to the blinds and it became an "all-in and pray" affair. In the big blind of T300, I picked up KQ offsuit and shoved the rest of the stack in when I hit the King on the flop. Unfortunately, an ace also came on the flop and I went away.

The two 7th place finishes were a matter of me mixing it up with a couple of nutcases who were spiking some serious miracles.

On a positive note, I decided to head back into a quick .50/1 ring for an orbit or two while the wife was out getting some stuff at the store. Managed to nail down a $20 profit in 30 minutes, for a rate of 40BB/hr.... I'll take it...

Today is going to be a big tourney day. News at eleven.


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