Wednesday, December 17, 2003


Not a heck of alot of time to blog before work, so I'll just recap quickly...

Iggy left a comment on my "No Whammies!" entry regarding going to the $10+$1 sit and goes. My hesitation is that, with such a thin bankroll, I'll be more nervous about losing a $10+$1 then I would be losing a $5+$1.

What a stupid argument to make. I've pretty much proven to myself that I can make the money a good percentage of the time, and the difference between the competition on the $5 vs. the $10 is minimal.. There's still plenty of guys willing to try to bluff with a 59o when their straight draw misses. So, I decided, what the heck. Results below:

$5+$1 Sit and Go -- Finished 3rd -- +$4
$5+$1 Sit and Go -- Finished 3rd -- +$4
$5+$1 Sit and Go -- Finished 6th -- -$6
$5+$1 Sit and Go -- Finished 7th -- -$6

Okay.. . So as you see, I started the day on the $5 sit and goes. It was brutal. I haven't had the time to analyze the hands yet, but I seem to remember alot of pretty brutal bad beats, and I think I was starting to press, too. Okay... So I'm sick of it... If I'm gonna lose, I might as well lose big... No guts, no air medal.

$10+1 Sit and Go -- Finished 1st -- +$39

Woohoo! First $10 I play, I hit pay dirt. I'm rockin! If I can win here, I should be able to own the $5 tables!

$5+$1 Sit and Go -- Finished 6th -- -$6

Oh brother. I did learn that the freaks were certainly out on the $5 tables though. Screw it, go back to what works!

$10+$1 Sit and Go -- Finished 3rd -- +$9
$10+$1 Sit and Go -- Finished 3rd -- +$9

This is great! Winning even 3rd on the $10 sit and goes yields a much better payoff, and the risk is, effectively, about the same. So for yesterday, total take is +$47.

Rock the free world!

I owe Iggy a 6 pack of Guinness!


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