Sunday, December 14, 2003

Pocket Aces Suck

Since I've been taking count, I am now 2 for 12 with pocket aces. Yes, that's right, folks.. 17% win rate with the rockets.

A hearty WTF to that.

I was fully going to take the day off of poker today to spend some time with the Wife, but when she ducked into the shower, I decided to sit a couple of turns on UB. If I'm looking for a less stressful round of poker, I hit UB because, for some reason, I'm a lot less concerned about my bankroll there (since it really isn't part of my "project"). I have... Well rather, had... it up to $50.

Anyway, the fun starts immediately. I pick up AQs in the big blind, and am raised before it gets to me.. I call it, and get an A on the flop... Rock on.. I bet it out, and get some hangers on... Turn and river are unremarkable, but some Jamoke turns over J8o and takes it with two pair. Weeeee! That's okay. He can do that all day long...

Couple of hands later, I get American Airlines in middle position. Now, since I've been burned by AA many times lately, I don't screw around with them... I raise aggressively preflop to get the "idiot" hands out of there. Not this time around.. I get two callers who come with to the flop, which comes a bunch of non-sequential number cards, rainbow style. Great, I think.. I've got top pair. EP bets, I raise, it's called in two places.. Turn is a K. "Whatever" I think to myself, and bet out again.. I get raised from late position... That familiar "I've got aces and I'm getting beat" feeling hits again, and I shift into smooth call mode. River is another number card, EP bets out again and I call it. EP turns over 44 for the set. MP turns over 66, which is a loser. I muck my loser aces and roll my eyes as I watch the $10 pot get scraped in a direction other then mine (which in a .25/.50 game is a monster).

I managed to scrape in a decent pot and was back up to almost even when I get the Rockets dealt to me again in the BB. No less then 7 people call up to me, and I raise it up. Only 2 people muck to the raise, and we're 5 way to the flop which comes something like K54 with two hearts. Checked to me and I bet.. Called in 3 places... Whatever... Turn comes a 2c. I bet, two callers and one muck. I look incredulously at the board. The blinds had folded. I'm thinking someone out there has the K and is calling out top pair (why isn't he raising?), and the other guy is trying to fill the gutshot straight with an A in hand?

River comes a J offsuit. No flush possibility on the board. I bet out and get raised.

"There is no way", I'm thinking. I call, trusting my instinct that I'd been hosed again.

I hate it when I am right... Caller boy turns over a K for top board pair. Raiser boy turns over...

Wait for it....

63 offsuit for the straight.

I suddenly feel like running myself through with a sword. I guess the PartyPoker cretins roll on over to UB on the weekends. "Remember, poker is FUN" says my wife as she sees the steam coming from my ears. I catch her meaning and log the hell off before I steam away anymore chips.

So, 20 minutes = -$7.50 on 1 $.25/$.50 table.

Great time to go to work and forget all about this...


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