Saturday, January 17, 2004

Livin' On The Edge

So, I cashed out some bill from Party for the live game I'd like to go play on Monday. I say I'd like to go play, because I realized that, there is the potential that IGM may well wait the entire 7 days to pay me. I also cashed out about $50 from UB, since the Wife decided that she was having no part of staying at home while I was playing it up at the casino, so I had to fund some blackjack bankroll for her. She's not a bad player at all, so I don't anticipate her busting out too quickly, and there is a possibility of her coming out up... We shall see.. I figure that $50 is gone though. She's no card counter, and when playing "by the basics" Blackjack it's pretty much an even bet either way. I anticipate much better results this time around with my poker playing, though. We shall see. At the very least I hope I get some playable hands! Last time I was out there I put on a clinic in folding hands. The only playable hand I recall getting in that entire session was pocket aces, and they went down to pocket 8's when the 8 hit the flop.

So I took $150 out of the Party bankroll, leaving a touch over $150 in the account. I consider of course that the $150 I took out of the Party bankroll is still, in fact, part of my bankroll.. Which it is... So, whatever.. Anyway, I decide that seeing as how it's Saturday, it's time for some 1/2 goodness.

Strange day. I sit down and watch an orbit of crap go by when I get pocket 7's in the big blind. 4 or 5 callers around and I check to see the flop...

Which comes Q77. Nailed quads on the flop. What to do... The table seems to be a whole bunch of "fit or fold" types, so I decide to slow play the post flop and wait and see if someone makes a hand in the later streets... So, I check and it's checked around.

Turn comes a Q. With 4 people out there, I figure a Queen HAS to be in someone's hand. I check again, and sure enough, the guy to my left bets out. Fold fold fold and I check-raise him. He re-raises me and I cap it.

River is an A. I decide that, since I pounded him on the turn I didn't want to take a chance of him checking out of the river, so I bet out and he called. I turn over the 7's and he mucks what I can assume was queens full.

Couple of other good hands stood up to take down some decent pots, and then the table turned ultra-tight. I think we were seeing one showdown every 6 hands or so at one point, but I didn't have the rocks to start pushing anyone around so I joined in the mucking fun. Caught a few little pots and finally had to quit to make some lunch and dig out the end of my driveway, so I walked away +$27 for the day. Not a bad take at all.

HDouble Mentioned he was going to Hollywood Park tonight to do a little fishing. Hope he comes out well!

Jason at Stick and Move managed to take down the prize of the fabled Hammer challenge that The Grubster leveled. So, in the spirit of celebrating his success, I will officially pimp his website here. The Hammer challenge Part Deux is already afoot, but I fear that, with my meager bankroll, I don't want to try to push the issue with that one just yet. You never know though. Perhaps I'll be the next one to lower The Hammer on some unsuspecting fool!



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