Monday, January 19, 2004

Quick Update

Played only about 1.75 hours yesterday, scoring a $10 loss for my efforts at the 1/2 table, but it was much worse for most of the day. Was down as far as -$35 but finally managed to catch a hand that actually held up (a rarity on this table) and got a decent pot. The table was incredibly tight for a Sunday afternoon, so action on good hands was rare. I guess I could have moved onto a different table, but I was too lazy to get back in line.

Getting ready for my next foray into live gaming tonight... Hopefully my outing tonight will be much better then last time. At least this time out I have a much better idea what the Hell I'm doing... Now I just need to get some better cards then I was getting last time.

Time to break out the Lee Jones and brush up.


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