Thursday, January 22, 2004

Something's Gotta Give

Stoked by Tuesday night's fish fry, I eagerly jump onto a pair of .50/1 tables 'round about 9:00 Central and start to work....

Collecting garbage. I mean, it was a dry run... But this is the great thing about online poker. You can work through the dry spells very quickly and get down to the business of kicking ass.

The evening was not going well... HDouble got a play by play of the crap I was getting sucked out with for a while... Hey, I feel better when I cry on someone's shoulder. After about 90 minutes, I was down right around $25. I've decided that I will "schedule" my poker in the evening such that, when I hit the end of the schedule time, I log off, up or down. This keeps me from the "gotta break even before I log off" syndrome, and basically poker is one long session anyway, so it doesn't make any difference the start and stop times. The only time I'll break this rule is if there is someone on the table giving money away. Can't pass up a sale!

Anyway, I managed to make a last minute rally in the final 30 minutes to end the night down only $3.75. Not a bad night of poker, all things considered. It was work though. The deck was most certainly NOT hitting me in the head this night, and there were a couple of hands where I cringed as I hit the "call" button, expecting the worse. By staying the course though and playing ABC poker, I was able to scratch back in spite of the crappy cards.

Today, the wife took off for work around 9:00 and I found myself sitting on the couch watching Sharon Osborne.

Not good.

I had to do something to prevent my brain from being re-programmed by daytime TV... But what...


Okay, so I said I'd only play at night when the fish are around... But that's only on my "real" poker account. I still have some scratch at UB.. Let's go!

So I sit down at a .25/.50 kill table and plunk down a little over $18 (all the money I have left in UB after the cashout).

90 minutes later, I walk away with $6 left. My card selection was a joke, and the cards on the board were the punchline. I was just getting hammered. I'd get KQ, match the K on the flop and a river A puts me away. I'd get AJs and get trumped by AK. Pocket pairs missed. Flush and straight draws miss by miles. I couldn't do anything right.

Undeterred, I decide to head over to Party... I know, I know... But I was bored and I figured I could at least scratch a little win out. So, off I went to Party and sat down at a .50/1 table. The card draught continued. Deal, fold, deal, fold, deal, fold, post blind, check, flop misses, fold. This got old, so I opened up another table to see more hands and get me through the cold streak. I hit a nice AKo on the first table that got sucked for a nice $5 loss, and then the table broke up, so I moved to a different one. Meanwhile, on the second table, it becomes apparent to me that there is a loose maniac to my left. Any two cards to the flop, and if he hits any part of the flop or holds overcards to it, he raises. If he misses completely, he calls. I get sucked out of a nice pot by this guy and make it a point to get it all back. Like a croc stalking prey, I silently watch and wait for the right time. KQs in the big blind... Excellent. Sure enough, old maniac boy raises it up, and it's called 4 ways to me.. 6 to the flop with 6BB, and the flop comes QJx. I can work with this. I bet, maniac raises, called 3 ways. 4 to the turn, which comes K. I bet, maniac raises. Hmmm... Others drop out finally, and it's back to me. Time to see what he's really got. Raise. Maniac caps. Uh oh. I call it and the river comes a beautiful K. My boat is sailing. Bet, and Maniac boy calls. Okay. He turns over JQo. I rake a nice pot and the game is on.

Today was another day of "okay" to "pretty good" cards, coupled with, I might say myself, solid poker playing. Net take for the day, +$20.50.

Not bad for a weekday session!


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