Friday, January 23, 2004

Starbuck's Coffee

That's about what what's left in my UB account can buy me. After taking a horrendous beating yesterday on UB, I'm down to my final $6. Thankfully, UB has some seriously micro limits to play on, so I'm not exactly dead... Playing .01/.02 limit hold'em though is like trying to drive from L.A. to Boston on a tricycle. Just for giggles, I played two .01/.02 tables today for about 40 minutes. I ended up about $.15 up. Weeee.

Poking around a little, looks like they also have micro-no limit! Yup, .01/.02 blind, no limit hold'em. So, I climb on board for the maximum amount ($2) and go to work. I fold out for a little bit and finally end up with ATo in the big blind.. In typical micro-limit style, bunch of people call the blind.. No raises at all. Anyway, Flop comes something like 69T rainbow. I bet out the pot and get called 2 ways. Turn is an Ac. I've got a nice hand now, and I bet out a meager raise to keep these two guys in. Both call and the river comes a 7. Excellent. I lead out with an all-in. MP folds and late position insta-calls it for about a quarter my stack and turns over 58o for the gutshot. Outstanding. I leave $.75 in the hole.

So, whatever. If I bust out of UB, so be it.. But if I make it back to $100 on that thing, I'm throwing a party. The whole idea of the UB thing though was to have something to do when Party takes a dump, so it only stands to reason that just as soon as I complete the transaction putting money into UB, Party never had another "crashing for 10 hours" problem since then!

No worries, though.. I withdrew double what I initially deposited from there, so that money was already made.

In unrelated news, the Wife and I were wandering around Wal-Mart the other day trying to find some new pants for her for work. I wanted to check out the auto department to see what they'd gouge me to rotate and balance my tires ($30, such a deal) when I saw a "does it all" weight machine for $200. I'm sure it's not the best quality piece of equipment there, but in my current state of affairs I don't have the bank to be buying some $3000 Nautilus machine, so this is going to have to do. Anything to help with this rapidly expanding body of mine.

But, no one cares about that... More POKER!


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