Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Faith, Hope and Charity

Had a rare day shift yesterday. Even more remarkable was that, after getting up at 4:00am, and working for 12 hours, I was still somewhat awake!

Evening off? Awake? Must be poker time!

Played two 1/2 tables for about 2 and a half hours. When I logged on, I saw 35,000+ online. Party rules.

Total take for the day: +$58.75. A great day by any stretch of the imagination, with a BB/hr rate of over 11.

The big winner hand of the day? The Cowboys!

I picked up KK twice.

First time I was in late position, two off the button. Two limpers to me and I raise it up. SB completes, BB folds and the other two call the raise... Flop comes Jd8c7h. Checked around to me and I bet out. All three call it down.

Turn is a 2d. Again, checked around to me and I bet. Remarkably, it's called down by everyone again. Hmmm.

River comes a 6h. Flush misses, and no overcards to my kings.. I'm feeling pretty good about this. Checked around to me again and I bet again. BB and EP finally fold away. The guy to my right calls and shows a KJo. I rake a $17 profit.

Second KK comes in LP 3 off the button this time. It's folded around to the guy to my right, who limps. I raise and the button cold calls. BB calls and GTMR calls. 4BB to the flop, which is QdTs6h. EP bets out, GTMR folds, and I raise. Button calls and EP calls. 7BB to the turn, which is a 2h. Possible flush draw developing, but nothing else to make me nervous. EP checks, I bet. Button calls and EP folds out. 9BB to the river, which is a Js. Uh oh. Possible straight out there now. I bet and button calls and shows AQs. +$13.50.

The big loser of the day? Pocket Rockets.

Yes, the aces fall in spectacular style twice.

The first time, I get them in middle position. 4 callers to my preflop raise and the flop comes JcQhQc. Fugly.

EP bets out and one call to me. I raise to see where I am, and get the message I was fishing for when it's raised and capped before it gets to me. The rockets hit the muck. The showdown showed that I was dead to a set of queens made on the flop.

Second time wasn't so clean. I get the rockets in early position (UTG+1). UTG folds and I raise. Guy to my left re-raises, button cold calls all three and the BB calls it down. I cap it and all 4 fill it in. 8BB to the flop.

4c5dQs. Harmless, it seems. Checked to me and I bet. We lose the guy to my left and Button and BB call.

Turn, 6d. Hmmm. Check, I bet. Button folds, BB calls. River is a 3. Suddenly BB wakes up and bets. I call knowing I'm going to see the straight, and BB doesn't disappoint, turning over As7h.

I was a 95% favorite on the flop, an 81% favorite on the turn, and I lose. Weeeeee.

Hopefully more poker goodness tonight... Hope the wife will let me!


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