Friday, February 13, 2004


This thing that we call 'failure' is not the falling down, but the staying down.
Mary Pickford

Well, yesterday I was able to pull an impressive win out of a rather, well, impressive losing session.

Not so today.

Two .50/1 tables and these tables couldn't be more polar opposites of each other. On the left, the table of loose/wimpy players. They were all "see the flop" kind of folks, but they were also all "fold the flop" kind of people. No real action there at all as any sign of aggression and everyone would fold right up.

On the right, we have the old Western Shootout table full of gamb00lers. Frequently capped pre-flop, at least three ultra-loose/maniacs and a couple of calling stations mixed in.

As is my luck lately, I was getting the monster hands on the folding table, and a steady diet of crap on the fast and loose table. What playable hands I did see I had to pay at least 2 small bets and often 4 just to see the flop. A few of these misses and it gets very very expensive.

At one point on the fast and loose table, I was down to my last $8 when I finally connected with a hand for about $15, but I never was able to recover my entire buyin, and ended up ending that table down around $6.

The passive table was a procession of small pots. I was up to +$10 at one point, but was whittled down to my original buyin or close to it. So, for the day, a loss of around $6. Not too bad, considering the hideous hands and table texture. Smart money said I should have moved, but that fast and loose table was the kind where you could rake some serious coin if you caught a nice high implied odd hand. The trouble is the preflop action was brutal.

I'm going to sit down and post some interesting stats for the last two days. I kid you not, there is some truly sickening things that have happened to Your's Truely these last two days at the poker table. There ought to be a law.

For those of you following along the drama of whether to move out west, I did cover some ground today:

The landlord is willing to work with me. I just need to find someone to move in and I'll be released from the rest of the contract, with my security deposit. This would normally be difficult, but we have 5 new hire dispatchers moving into the area this week and they'll be looking for a place to live. It's a very cool place and it's not too expensive, so it should go pretty quick.

Taxes will yield a pittance from the Feds, but the state tax return will be a very +EV, yielding some $800. Good times.

The Wife did some math and figures that we could have $3000 in pocket come move time. I'll need to check the math, and in order to hit this number we'll need to negotiate with some of our lenders for deferred payments, but this will give us the sufficient cushion I'd need to make this all happen.

I have been tapping some of my contacts and connections in the industry to see what insider information I can get on America West, but for now it's been pretty quiet. I have to do this rather covertly since I don't want any of my co-workers to know I'm fishing. I've got good opportunities here too if this doesn't pan out, and I think that if they catch wind of me talking with other places that might foul those waters... Never burn your bridges.

I might actually get out of work at a decent hour today, so if I do, I'll have some time tomorrow for Fun With Stats(tm)!


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