Thursday, February 05, 2004

...And Sometimes You're The Deer That Ran Out Into The Middle Of The Kennedy Expressway At 5:30pm On A Friday

Holy shit.

That phrase left my lips so many times during today's session that, towards the end of it, I'd say it as the turn card would give me trips, knowing I'm still a loser.

So, your host has followed up the best win of his short but illustrious career with the biggest loss of his short but illustrious career. Some of the greatest hits?

How about AA going down to 83o when he two pairs the flop? Your's for the low low price of -$7

Or 9Ts makes trip 9's on the turn, goes down to a flopped stright. -$4.75 on a .50/1 table (I'll explain in a minute)

And if you call within the next 5 minutes, we'll throw in 23 hands that fell apart to crappy draws or never developed to begin with!

So, about the .50/1 thing... Well, it didn't take me long to hit my stoploss on the 1/2 tables. Took 40 minutes to bleed off about $20 and I decided that I'd better get the Hell out before I took more of a bath. It was hideous. Problem was, I forgot that "get the Hell out" means leave the tables completely. No, no... I had to press the issue, and off I went to the .50/1 table...

Where I leaked off another $25 or so... Big fun.

So, take for the day, -$44.50. Absolutely craptastic.

Basically today was just a steady diet of hands that either fell apart post flop or were nice enough to come in second. The only really bad beat I took was the AA going down to 83o. That sucked. The loss wouldn't have been so bad, but for some reason everyone was on a "let's raise it up" kick today. Any hand I wanted to play cost at LEAST 2 SB to see. This is part of the reason I decided to get away from the 1/2 game. Too many raisers and I'm in the middle of a card draught. Not a good combo. If I were getting hit in the head by the deck, it would have been "happy days are here again", but not this day.

So, in the short term, it's back to the 50/1 tables to work through this dry spell and try to get the bankroll back up to $300. And, dammit, I've gotta stop playing in the morning/early afternoon. I don't really know what it is, but it just seems like I can't make headway there... And it's not for the players being any better! They still suck, but they seem to suck-out more often.

Or maybe I'm just seeing monsters under the bed again...


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