Sunday, January 25, 2004

...If It Happens 3 Times, It's A Trend

...And the hits just keep on coming. Spent about 3 hours this morning on Party doing anything but celebrating. Long story short, I got my ass kicked in by the river... Again...

The "recent financial history" portion of Party is down, so I can't come up with exact figures of what today's blood letting was, but I estimate that I rolled up and smoked about $30. A pitiful day, to say the least.

It wasn't that the cards weren't coming today either. I sat down at the table I had the most problems with. I get premium starting hands in the BB, SB and button, all in a row. To tell the truth, it was such a dizzying spiral of suckage that I really honestly can't say what exactly happened. I just remember a constant procession of hand that were winners on the turn and big, expensive losers on the river.

Top pair/top kicker? Paired board on the river for rivered trips.

Straights? Flushed away on the river.

Got the king to match that 4 to a suit on the board? Sure as Hell someone has the ace.

I'd get premium hands and they'd get cracked time and time again. It was... creepy.

Of course, it was made more expensive because, after about the 10th time it happened, I'd find myself uttering "No fucking way" as I hit the call button...

This is one of those days that beat the snot out of your confidence, but I figure I was due for a nice slide since I've been kicking ass the last few days. The bankroll is still over $200.. barely... so I'm not sweating yet, but if this continues beyond tomorrow, I'm gonna start getting nervous.

I've got the bug to start playing around in the sit and goes again. Perhaps I'll do a little bit of that tomorrow to try to work through this dry period. I'll definitely abandon sideband interference like reading the news and checking out the latest Mars news. I think some of my stupid decisions have stemmed from me being distracted. Even though the .50/1 tables are essentially ABC poker, it still pays to try to figure out who's doing what. I know that if I would have been paying closer attention, I would have known that the guy betting into me doesn't do that without the nuts. At most, though, I probably would have only saved $5 all day. It really was just the friggin river doing me in big time in the last 48 hours.

Hopefully it'll turn around. Gotta keep on keeping on though. The only way out is through.


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