Saturday, January 24, 2004

...Sometimes You're The Bug

I got rivered so much today I felt like fly fishing bait.

I was playing two tables of .50/1 today, and in the space of 2 minutes I got rivered 3 times. Here's how it went down...

TT hits the set on the flop, only to die to a rivered nut stright.
QQ hits the set on the flop, only to get killed when 4 of a suit hit the board and I lose to the flush when the other guy turns K2o.
AQ hits the Queen on the flop, rest of the board is rags and I get downed by a set of 2's, of course caught on the river.

Took all of 2 minutes. and I was down $18. Weeee.

The slide continued on the one table. Nothing held up, and in about 90 minutes, I was down $19 on that table.. I finally left and concentrated on the other table, where I managed at that point to scratch back to a small gain of $4. The cards started to finally hold up there and I managed to leave up a bit there.

Total take for the day, -$8.50. It was much worse earlier in the session though so I'm not too disappointed in "only" being that much down.

Today was one of those "how bad can it get days" in poker. After the first 60 minutes, I started to wonder if anything I got would hold up, but this is the most important time to have faith in your hands. If you try to "tighten up" and be more conservative, you'll end up doing yourself more damage when you don't get the most value out of your hands that DO win. If I ever get to the point where I get a good hand and start thinking to myself "gotta save those bets, cuz I'll bet I'm beat", it's time to just rack em up and head on out.

Still reeling from my UB spanking the other day, though.

Grubby sent a card with the HAMMER II reward. Inside was none other then two playing cards: The 7c and the 2s. The Most Holy and Apostolic HAMMER. It is now adorning my poker shrine, an inspiration to me every time I'm afforded the opportunity to unleash the unbridled fury of the HAMMER upon the unbelievers. The Grubmaster rules.


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