Friday, January 30, 2004

Why Do I Live Here?

It's cold. I mean, this is beyond what "normal" people would consider cold. Put it this way. Current temeratures:

Winnipeg, Manitoba = -36C
Minneapolis, MN = -22C
Green Bay, WI = -17C
Opportunity Landing Site, Mars = -10C

The fact that it's warmer 300 million miles farther away from the sun on a planet with a tenth the atmosphere as Earth = Priceless

You Canadians are out of your gords.

No poker playing today. I was going to squeeze in a few rounds but instead spent the day running around in this God Forsaken cold spending money on stuff that isn't going to be fun. Well, okay. I paid my internet/cable bill. That could, conceivably, be fun. I also finally bit the bullet and plunked down the $40 for PokerTracker. I was going to put it off a little longer, but the price is going up to $55 tomorrow. I will refrain from commenting on that one, other then to ask "why?"

Anyway, I'm pretty geeked about getting PokerTracker up and running. I've only got like 10,000 hands to put into the darn thing, so hopefully it doesn't just simply melt down when I go to import all this stuff. Gonna have to do some serious study in the next few days. Hopefully the serial number shows up tonight!

Onto hand analysis, I think I've got a serious leak in my game post-flop. Basically, it's my inability to see things in the board that can kick my butt. I got blindsided a couple of times in the last few days by things I really should have seen coming. Some of this is me being stubborn and not releasing a hand that was so good before that point, but there have been a couple of times where I'll lose to something that's blatantly obvious.

I think I'm also beginning to pick up some bad habits on the .50/1 tables. The play is so completely random and I find myself calling in too deep on speculative hands, thinking that a marginal hand has a better chance then it really has. This really is a matter of focus, I think, and yesterday, when I posted that good day, was a day where I finally decided it was time to pay attention.

The bankroll is finally back over the $200 mark after a couple of scary days. I really want to wait until I have a little more solid footing before I move to 1/2, but I'm starting to feel the strain of dealing with the quasi-random play of the people at .50/1. I think the best thing to do is just sit down and jam up to $300, then make the move to $1/$2 with a stoploss at $200.

Now all I have to do is win another 100BB. I can do this.

In other news, Iggy continues to rock the free world. I'm not worthy, but none the less, I managed to get pimped in PokerSavvy article. I owe Iggy a damn brewery after all this!

Boy Genius had an interesting rant about how American media is sucking our will to live. Much as I try to stick to poker on this blog and keep my other blatherings for another site (which may get updated again before Christ walks the Earth, but I don't have any rights to do updates myself, so take that for what it's worth), I do enjoy a good roast. Remember, BG, you're talking about a television audience that has encouraged the networks to keep Malcolm In The Middle on the air about 3 seasons too goddamn long, and that is only the outer dermis layer of a 25,000 pound fleshy Jabba The Hutt like monster. Of course, this is from a network with such blockbuster hit series as My Big Fat Obnoxious Insult to Human Intelligence, Bay Watch Version 2.0, Malcolm In The Middle, the '50's Version, Two Blondes and a Cow's Ass and Jackass, the Edited Version. It's no wonder over half the children in America can't read, write or comprehend at their grade level. If, God forbid, anyone other then PBS attempted to put British humor on television, they'd be out of business since clearly American television viewers lack the cognative ability to understand anything that isn't a sight gag.

Jesus wept.


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