Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Roller Coaster

A quick update. I had to fly all over the darn country today so I'm wiped.

Yesterday, I was on the tables for a little while.. Played two tables for about 2 hours. The first hour and a half I was getting absolutely slaughtered. Another day of misses and suckouts left me in real bad shape. Then Lady Luck spared me and actually allowed some of my hands to hold up for decent pots. Ended the day up around $10.

Today after I got home I played 1 table for about 45 minutes... Another disasterous slide to start with. I got 3 great hands in a row and all three got cracked. In 15 minutes, I had burned $15 on a .50/1 table. That's a -60BB/hr rate, folks. The downward spiral stopped and I managed to scrape in a pot to bring me back to within -$10, where I stagnated for a while. In the last 10 or so minutes, though, I hit two nice pots in a row and managed to escape with a small $2 profit. So, two days in the black I guess ends the slide, but they were two very scary nights of poker, seeing me in serious trouble for most of the night.

Though I did manage some positive numbers, I'm not comfortable with the way the hands play out. Every hand I did manage to win had some serious scare cards out there. I haven't had the absolute stone cold nuts hand in quite a while.

Oh well. I'm friggin wiped. More tomorrow.


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