Sunday, February 08, 2004

The Grind

Back in the saddle, I'm back to grinding away at the 50/1 tables. I found a very nice table this time around, and worked the whole session there. The table demographics were interesting, to say the least.

And I think I've experienced my very first true "bot". This character I've played with before, and my cool little automated note taker had him down as tight/semi-aggressive, only seeing the flop 19% of the time.

So, why did I think he was a 'bot'? Well, for the entire 2 hour session he made all if his decisions instantly. He'd either turbo-muck or turbo-bet. Never did we wait any time at all for a decision from him. It was creepy. That being said, I don't know whether or not he actually said anything since I don't have chat enabled in Party. Either way, it was about as ABC as you could get. I figured that, if he became aggressive and I was working on a hand that wasn't the nuts, I'd bow out. Never really ended up needing to make that decision, as the cards dictated that we never really locked horns.

The other players were a usual crew of tight/weak and loose/aggressive low-limiters typical of Party. No real maniacs, just calling stations that would happily pay you to the river with mid pairs or drawing hands. No real "terrible" players. At least there were face or s00000ted cards that were remotely connected being played, as opposed to the Party Poker Special (64o) and the likes. Took a couple of tough losses, but also raked in some nice pots, and ended the day right around +$20. Not bad for two hours of 50/1 work.

I've been hearing talk about the $25 no limit games. I dabbled a little bit in the no limit arena a couple of months ago and had mixed results. Granted, I really didn't play all that much, only putting in a couple of hours before moving onto something else. PokerTracker says I made about $6 overall playing NL. Again, though, that was several months ago and I have learned a lot about the game since then. Perhaps it's time to try that again. I'm not so sure I want to make a go at it during my working days, since that would require my playing in the late morning and early afternoon. Not sure how fishy the NL games are going to be then... Guess I'll have to do some sitting and watching.

The good news though is that the bankroll is back over $300... I don't really know the significance of that beyond psychological, but I do know that, for my limit grinding, I'm not going to go to 1/2 until I hit $400. If my expedition into NL is as successful as others, that shouldn't take too long at all. Even if I had to grind it out at the 50/1 limit game, I figure I'm good for it in about two weeks. I think it's about time to get myself solidly into the 1/2 contest. I've dabbled in and out of it, but with only 150BB of bankroll, I'm still not entirely comfortable with the variance.

I'm bummed out that the WBT Inaugural Event will be held on a Sunday evening. I, of course, will be working. I'd be wholly outclassed, but it would have certainly been fun and educational! I look forward to the after action report!

Looks like Iggy is going to take a little break. Gonna miss him on his two week break...

5 gets you 10 we'll see Iggy posting inside of 5 days.

Decker, who I credit with introducing me to the world of poker blogging (okay, it was the first site I ran into on the subject) is posting rather regular now. Keep it up, brother!

I have this sitetracker thing on my website that's pretty slick. It's amazing to see how some people find their way here. Welcome to all of you! Feel free to leave a comment telling me how much I suck at poker!

---- WARNING!!! Non-poker Editorial Content to Follow! Run Away!!! ----

NippleGate continues with unbridled furor. I've gotta wonder, had the media not made such a huge deal about the whole thing, how many people would even realize that there was exposed breastage to be seen? What's even more tragic is that the crap that's readily available to broadcast television viewers is FAR more insidious then a 1 second shot of Janet's pasty, flabby monstrous-nipple ring decorated mammary gland. The BBC has the right idea. A good hearty breast shot every once in a while is perfectly fine, but you won't catch them showing NYPD Blue over the airwaves, and I certainly don't see British school children walking into school with an arsenal and laying waste to their classmates. What the hell ever happened to television as a means of family entertainment?

It's a wonder kids are all fucked up.


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