Saturday, February 07, 2004

Working The Wrong Shift

One of these days, I'm going to learn that playing online poker during the late morning and early afternoon on the weekdays sucks. It turns into a rock garden at the bottom limits.

Two days of poker to cover today... I played Thursday morning and it was ugly the first hour or so. I sat down at 1 50/1 table and promptly continued my streak of decent starting hands gone horribly wrong, mucking my way to a -$12 hole by the end of hour one. FINALLY things started to take a turn... Though not exactly what I'd call a run, I did manage to drag some meager pots (remember, rock garden) to scratch back to a $1.50 deficit by the time I had to head back to work. Not bad, considering the crap I was getting smacked around with.

Yesterday saw two sessions. I played another morning/afternoon run (I know, I know...) and found pretty much the same results. I never really fell apart this time, only ever ending up about $6 down, and I managed to scratch up a $1.50 win... even for the two days. I then put in an ultra-late session around 1:15am this morning. I'd have started earlier, but the last time I left work after my normal shift was some 2 months ago. It's a complete and thorough goat rope there... But anyway, I logged off at around 2:30 with a buck of profit to show for it. Weee...

Party pretty much shuts down after 1:00am, I think.. I logged on to find only 22K people on. By the time I logged off, it was down to 17K. On a Friday night. Go figure...


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