Friday, February 13, 2004

Poker Godz

We all know that has pretty much turned into a cesspool of crap with the (very) occasional diamond floating around in there.

None the less, I still poke in there from time to time to see what's bubbling, and, shock of shocks, there is some decent content showing up there... One thing I caught from none other then Gary Carson was this little nugget of knowledge...

Probability is the branch of mathematics that's most relevant. Poker books
tend to not really get into that past combinotorial counting methods, which
doesn't really give you the concepts of probability you need. So, if you're
serious about I'd suggest looking elsewhere than poker sources.

Just when it seems my game is starting to stagnate, something like this gets my juices stirring.

Knowing the odds and understanding the odds are what separated good players from the true masters of the game. I get the cards and I know my odds for draw hands (for the most part.. I do space sometimes). This is great for the recreational player, and even this is far and away better poker then most of your opponents who, often times, are looking for that one card to complete that straight. But when you get into the high limit games, against the people who have studied the psychology of poker, you must have more then just a table of odds in your head.


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