Saturday, May 08, 2004

Not Quite...

I sat down and was party to the worst combination of factors I could be handed on a table.

Good pre-flop hands that didn't connect post flop

A good player to my left

A table full of people who respected my raises and would fold out, giving me little pots.

The result was a whole bunch of little pot wins and two brutal losses. -$12. Party wasn't in the mood to send me hand histories again yesterday, so I couldn't use the GameTime window in PokerTracker, which, I must say, sucks. The GT Window is actually quite useful for keeping tabs on who is doing what, and if it was working, I would have clued in a lot quicker that the guy to my left was a decent player and the whole table was tighter then a North Korean news agency.

So, that's about $93 I've rolled up and smoked in the last two days. Ungood. I'm contemplating playing a little "challenge".

I'm going to take $110 of my bankroll and start playing Sit and Goes. I'll start with a $10+$1, since the juice on the $5+$1 is too high (20%). If I blow the $110, the challenge is over (and I bust back down to the .50/1 rings... ugh). Otherwise, I will progress as follows...

$5+1 $0-$110
$10+1 $110-$220
$20+2 $220-$330
$30+3 $330-$550
$50+5 $550-$1090
$100+9 $1090-$2150
$200+15 $2150 and up

I will continue this until I hit $3000 or I get bored (which will probably happen first).

As of right now, my stats on Sit and Goes are as follows..

With 116 tournaments in PokerTracker, I'm in the money 41% of the time. My actual finish breakdown is:

1st place: 10%
2nd place: 14%
3rd place: 17%
4th place: 22%
5th place: 13%
6th place: 9%
7th place: 9%
8th place: 3%
9th place: 1%
10th place:2%

As you can see, I'm the Bubble Boy. I think many of those 4th place finishes are a result of hiding for the first few levels and finding myself in chip trouble on the bubble. Still, 41% In the Money is an excellent percentage, so I think I at least have a fighting chance with this.

BTW, props to FletchJR, whos message I caught about this here.

So, right now, my total bankroll stands at $380.08. I'll put my challenge information in the info block to the right (if I can figure it out). Let the madness begin!


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