Saturday, May 08, 2004

What Are You, Goofy?

Insta-Props to Pauly for linking my boy Kevin Matthews. It warms my heart to know that Pauly's a fellow idiot Kevhead.

Day one of the Tournament Challenge is in the books, and it was an interesting ride. I played 3 $10 sit and goes and managed to come in 2nd, 4th and 3rd, to book a $17 positive result. So far so good. The 4th place finish was particularly disappointing. The 1 seat was occupied by some nutjob who would respond to any raise at all by pushing all-in... and catching. By level 3, half the table was gone and he had most of their chips. I hid in the corner waiting for this guy to make a mistake or kill off the rest of the table. I scraped a couple of early pots to stay ahead of the blinds when maniac-boy wasn't in, but the blinds were getting pretty big.. I had to make a move soon. On my BB, maniac boy, of course, raises to steal and I look down to see AhTh. I can't survive much more of the blinds, so I move in, and he auto-calls and flips over A4o.

Of course, the 4 hits and I'm dust. I really really wanted to get heads up with this joker. He was just begging for me to take his chips and I failed him. Oh well. Three in the money finishes in three sit and goes would have been an outstanding start, but I'll take any positive result.

Also, I found the original Tourney challenge post here. I'm not sure yet how closely I'm going to follow this list. It seems awfully aggressive. Opinions?

I'm going to make a run to the Chicago area to visit the Mother-in-law for mother's day. I'll have the morning free though, so I think I'll play a couple more S&G's before I head out.

I guess since I'm going to be bowling and all now, I have to break down and see the Big Lebowski.

To the right, you'll see I've added my current bankroll and the profit/loss of my challenge. I'm also adding my Tourney bankroll, which as you'll recall I've started at $110, thus having immediately the buyin amount for the $10+$1. Should I fall into negative territory, I'll fall back to the $5+$1 level.


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