Sunday, June 13, 2004

So Far, So Good

Following up a nice win with another decent day certainly does a lot for the confidence, and I'm feel a whole bunch better about being me with yesterday's take.

Total hands = 519
Amount Won = +$35.87
BB/100 hands = +6.91

This is a much better result to be sure, and in terms of the confidence, I think it actually helped that I lost some showdowns. The day before any time I went to the showdown I won. It was a great run of cards. Yesterday was the result of true grinding, as well as some decent cards. An almost 7 BB/hr win rate is certainly nothing to sneeze at, but there were many hands that either fell apart post flop or I got surprised on at the showdown.

I screwed up my cashout at the casino site, so I had to go back and re-request it. It's in process now, and in the mean time I'm sizing up my next victim. The Capt. Cooks thing seems a bit unrealistic. 16000 units wagered is a whole shitload of blackjack, even when it's being "autoplayed". I have some time to think about it though.

Seems that the folks at work have "tweaked" the Bordermangler, so now half the blogs I used to read at work are now verbotten, which is unamusing. I'm on 3 weeks vacation starting today, though, so for the immediate future I don't care. When I get back though I'm going to have to see if there's a way to work around it. It pisses me off, but it also makes me miss the days when I was the judge, jury and executioner.


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