Sunday, December 21, 2003

Round and Round

Either I suck, or Party is losing its fishiness. Or I'm getting sucked out on a lot. One thing for certain... These Sit and Goes, where I felt very comfortable in before, I now always feel uncomfortable in. The results, then the commentary...

$10 + $1 Sit and Go -- Finished 2nd +$19
$10 + $1 Sit and Go -- Finished 7th -$11
$10 + $1 Sit and Go -- Finished 2nd +$19
$10 + $1 Sit and Go -- Finished 3rd +$9
$10 + $1 Sit and Go -- Finished 5th -$11
$10 + $1 Sit and Go -- Finished 7th -$11
$10 + $1 Sit and Go -- Finished 3rd +$9

Total take: +$23

I also went back to the ring games for a spell. So, 1 1/2 hours in a .50/1 table netted me:


Guess I'm not ready for the ring games yet.

Anyway, it appears I've gotten very inconsistent here. I think part of the problem is I don't have the intestinal fortitude to deal with ultra-aggressive players. I have a real problem shoving all-in early in the game pre-flop, but the way these guys play, you sort of have to at some point. If they don't go out in a blaze of glory early, they invariably turn into monster stacks and start pushing around the table... They're totally unpredictable. Maybe they have crap. Maybe there's a monster. Either way, you're forced to make your decision before the flop, and in a game where you're forced to make your decision on staying or going based on knowing only 2/7ths of your hand, you can only be lucky so much.

Now, logic would dictate that I simply stay out of these fools ways, but alas! They're not COMPLETE morons. No no, the plan is, double up early, then start pot stealing against the smaller stacks. They're very good about staying out of the big stacks way. In fact, they are VERY responsive to re-raises over the top. Problem here is, once you're down to T600, and they're at T2500, your re-raise is all-in. Tough call to make when you're looking at a Ks8s and the blinds are up to 100/200, and it certainly puts the bigger stack in the driver's seat. It's Russian Roulette.

I think I remember HDouble talking about a $50+$5 he was in. It was refreshing to hear that this non-sense, for the most part, wasn't going on there. I most certainly do MUCH better at tighter tables then at loose ones, so I think that getting into levels where the skill level is a notch better might actually be a good thing. Next tourney level though is $24+$2 though.. Not quite at that point in my bankroll as of yet.

Okay, wife hovering over me wanting me to start dinner, so off I go. More later.


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