Thursday, February 19, 2004

Beat Down

Grrr... Late morning shift does it to me again! Ya know, you'd think after several attempts to make afternoon playing profitable and failing, you'd think that I would have learned my lesson by now...


2 hours of one 1/2 table yielded a -$16.25 loss for me. Weee. I was actually doing quite good, but I managed to get smacked down on two consecutive hands and turned a meager winning into a small loss. After several winning sessions, though, I guess I should have expected it, and let's face it, a $16 loss isn't exactly a catastrophe. Still, after treading water all day, it sucked to have to leave with a loss...

I've done a little looking at my play today, and it really looks like I couldn't have played it any other way. Simply some bad draw-outs. I'll have to examine the losing hands to see if I could have made any different decisions there.

Poker Tracker rules.

I still haven't quite figured out what the deal is with late morning play. One would think that, since there are less players on, you'd have less fish. This really isn't true, so far as I can see.. There are still some truly bad players on during the day. It just seems to me that I can't get the cards to pay off, or when I do I get sucked out. Perhaps this is the same problem I was having with pocket aces, and my impression of them falling constantly. My PokerTracker results bear out that AA is still a big money maker for me, but during that dry spell a little while ago, it seemed that AA was a death sentence for me. Proof positive that most players can recount, with painful detail, their worse beats, but don't recall with the same clarity the winning hands.

More tomorrow... I'll likely go right back and play some more late morning poker!


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