Sunday, February 22, 2004

Just When You Thought It Was Safe...

Party Poker is screwing up again. Their servers were trying desperately to prohibit me from playing, timing out, and basically mis-behaving. I checked my connection with other sources and it certainly isn't a connection issue on my side, so it's clearly Party going tits-up again.


They're also not sending me all my hand history requests, which is not amusing in the least. What's worse, once you exceed 100 hands, the old ones roll off the server, so you can't get to them, so I am told. Even if they were still somewhere on party's servers, it would be a Texas sized goat rope to try to get them sent to me. They shorted me a few hundred hands yesterday, and it looks like they're on track to do it to me again today. Not worth the effort.

Anyway, today was another three table effort at 50/1. I crushed one table, did okay on the second and got killed on the third. I owe all my losses on the third table to the guy on my right. I had him pegged in his betting patterns, yet I ignored it completely and managed to call down to the river with him having me beat three times. His pattern was, if he hit, he'd turbo-bet. All three times, I had something like two pair. Twice I was in the blinds and had a weird card combination (like J4o that would hit a flop of JT4). Sure enough, the turn brought the 3rd suited card and Old Boy to my right would turbo-bet. I, like a tool, would call it down and lose.

Stupid stupid stupid...

Anyway, I did manage to make a positive number, up $13.50. I'd give you the details, but as you know, Party is shitting itself right now, so I only have 100 of the 350 or so hands I played today. Mas annoying. Suffice to day, though the day ended positive, some absolutely boneheaded calls led to a significantly less productive day then it could have been. Interestingly enough, it really had nothing to do with playing the 3 tables simultaniously either. I knew full well what the hell I was doing. I even admonished myself for chasing as I was chasing.

Maybe the stress is getting to me.

The ante has been upped in this bid for working at America West. I'm not at liberty to really talk about it yet, but suffice to say that I must now make an insanely difficult decision without all the information I'll need to know whether I'm right or wrong. Provided, of course, they offer me the job. I'm pretty sure they will, which is why this is weighing so heavily on my conscious. Obviously, if they don't offer me the job, this will make things much easier.

This certainly isn't the venue to talk about faith and devine intervention, but never more then now do I need that sort of guidence.

One thing for certain. It's tough to have to come up with an answer when you don't even know the question.


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