Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Back In Black

Good things come to those that wait. That's what Momma always used to say, so it has to be true.

Played several short sessions of poker during the afternoon, including an hour and a half stint at .50/1 (-$6.50).

Then I decided to hit the evening crowd. 40,000+ again on a Monday night on Party. Why anyone would play elsewhere defies imagination. Played a 1/2 6 Max table for about 2 hours, and ended up leaving +$64 ahead. I probably could have done a bit better, but the table went absolutely insane. For most of the evening there was a bona-fide maniac to my left who I punished several times. Then, after about an hour and a half, another maniac filled the seat to my right, sandwiching me between them. I tried to get in one hand and almost immediately realized my mistake as it came back around capped. Flop missed me and I folded out, but the two maniacs capped every street for the next dozen hands and I decided it was time to call it a night. There were some absolute monster pots on that table, as the two maniacs would bring along at least one caller to the river each and every time (yes, it was that kind of table.. a gold mine).

So, I'm back over $400 in the bankroll and I'm feeling good about my game again. 1/2 6 Max seems to be a good game for me, so I'll stick to that for a while and see how the long term fleshes out for me. It's nice that I don't feel the extreme urge to play multiple tables playing 1/2 6 Max. The action is fast enough that I can still be satisfied with one table, and I get the opportunity to try some plays.

This is quite the disjointed post, so I'll just bow out and get back to the tables....


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