Thursday, March 25, 2004

The Long Road

Been a very busy week. Not of my own decision, let me assure you. I was looking forward to a nice three days off where I could just relax, get back into the swing of things, and try to unwind after the last couple of hellish weeks.

Nope. Personal emergency saw me back in Northern Wisconsin to tend to some business, so my 3 days off turned into 1. As a result, you, my 12 2 readers have been neglected from partaking in my regular wordsmithy, so for that I apologize. Some things are more important then poker.

But not many things!

I'm trying to recover from my rough week of poker. It's amazing the friends you find when you're struggling, and a few people have stepped up to take a look at where I might be going wrong with my poker as of late.

I played some last night. Party has broken the 40,000 player mark on a Wednesday night, so I can only imagine what the weekends are going to look like!

I played 4 different tables of 1/2 6 Max (one at a time, thank you!)... Ended up $11.50 in the green in 120 hands, for a nice 4.7BB/hr rate. Some tables were up, a couple were down... But here's what I really noticed... 1/2 6 Max is FUN! You have a much better opportunity to play people as well as cards. At the .50/1 full ring tables, I really have to turn into "monkey mode" and play straight ABC poker. Any attempts to use your chips to send a message is like trying to strike fear into a robot. You have the best hand or you lose. It's as simple as that. Not so on 1/2 6 Max. If I'm in position and the board comes up scary, there's a real chance that I can move someone off the pot.

Of course, 1/2 6 Max also invites you to dig your own hole! You'll get played back at alot more often. Table image actually means something at the 6 Max tables. People pay attention. It's refreashing to use my brain again for poker.

More later... I've to 1.24 shitloads of things to get done before 1:15.


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