Friday, March 12, 2004

Insert Crafty Title Here

I've blown a fuse in my creative brain from all the losing I've been doing.

We're now onto day 5 of the Downward Spiral known as my bankroll. Today saw me distribute around $15 of my cash to the other fine* players on Party.

Take out a gun and shoot me.

I've been pretty good at keeping my cool through this slide, but finally today I friggin' lost it. At least I had the common sense to get the Hell off the tables when I got rivered for the 432,122nd time. I wandered over to the NL $25 table again for some more easy pickin's but quickly realized that, for someone on full scale tilt, having the ability to bet my entire buyin was not a Good Thing(tm) and I quickly bowed out and moped around for a while...

After some study of the mighty Abdul Jalib, I decided to try to modify my pre-flop starting hands a little bit. Doing this in the middle of a horrid run of cards was probably not the right thing to do, but I think the amount of money I could have saved by sticking with ultra-tight card selection would be minimal, if I'd have saved any. I just basically played more hands that failed to materialize. There were a couple though that did turn into playable hands. Some won, most didn't. It sucked.

I think I'm going to take a little bit of a break from poker. This losing every day thing is getting old, and it certainly is working against my psyche, so maybe it's time to step back and do some reading, reflecting and take up my fellow bloggers offers of looking into what I'm doing wrong. Or right. It very well could be a crappy run of cards. Everyone who's played cards for any length of times talks about the slide. Those legendary runs of terrible cards that seem to happen to all card players at one time or another. The logical answer is to play on, as the only way out is to go through, but I want to make darn sure that the slide is a product of crap cards, not erroneous play.

The boys at Kick Ass Poker have given Your's Truely another nod in their "Blog 'O' The Day" section. I am honored! I took a nice thorough tour of their site (Work's NetNanny will block Abdul's site, but seems to have no problem letting me run around Kick Ass Poker's website... Go figure). There's really a bunch of good stuff in there, and I encourage you all to check it out!

Fear not, although I won't be playing much if any poker in the next week, I will be talking about it, so I'll still be posting here a bit. Since I'll be dissecting my game, you'll get to live it with me.

Oh, finally got the call from America West. I shall remain a CheeseHead for the foreseeable future. In a way I'm relieved to be given the shoulder by Cactus. Trying to give less then 2 weeks notice, then move my shit to Phoenix in time to make a March 29th class date would be mas stressful. That and I've been ratholeing money for the past month trying to build the bank to make the move. Now that I've been relieved of that burden, I have a nice roll 'o' cash to pay off some bills with and still have a nice pad for "emergency cash".

Okay, back to work for me.. I'll post more here soon. Thanks to all my loyal victims readers! Knowing I can bitch and moan about my crappy luck to all of you helps me through it!


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