Saturday, March 06, 2004

Getting Up Off The Mat

Well, after the bath I took the other day, I've been slowly working my bankroll back to health. Over the last three days, I've managed to score two wins and one slight loss. Pretty much a break even, really. In any event, I'll have to check the PokerTracker stats to get the actual number, but it's somewhere around +$35. I'll check tomorrow when I finally get home from this place.

I sort of cringe every time one of my Blog Brothers starts talking up Party, but after the last few days, I can't help but pimp Party myself... These are glorious days to be a poker player, my friends!

So I'm at work now. It's Saturday, so it's pretty much a guerentee that the Chicago operation is going to be a complete clusterfuck. Yesterday was a joke too. Chicago delays were upwards of 5 hours, so that was a headache. The dispatcher that sat across from me spent most of the evening launching her cold virus all over the office, and so, of course, today I feel like ass. She called in sick today (small consolation for me, now that I've got her fucking cold). Since we're about 60% of our normal staffing, there's no relief on that desk... And it's the late desk. Since tonights operations in Chicago are going to get progressively worse as the night crawls on, I'm sure that tonight will be at least 14 hours long and double the work. And I've got a head cold.


The only possible good news is this. Every time I get a job opportunity, I get sick. I'm now sick, and I'm awaiting word from America West on my fate there. Statistically, this is a positive development. I just wish it was something a little easier to deal with, like my palm starts itching or something. Being sick and trying to deal with a new job sucks.

Seeing as how I'm going to have alot of time on my hands tonight, I'll likely make another long winded and pointless entry.

Unless I slip into a coma.


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