Sunday, February 29, 2004

Holy Shit...

I have never had a worse day of cards in my entire existence as a carbon based lifeform on this rock. There are simply no works

Hands played: 381
Hands Won: 4%
Showdowns Won: 32%
Flops Seen 23%
Win% if Flop Seen: 16%

Total loss for the day: -$78 ... and this is at .50/1. A nice 21BB/100 hands losing streak. Out-fucking-standing.

To say today was a complete bullshit day of cards would be like saying the sun is a little warm. For three hours, I endured so many bad beats that I have to wonder if I have any idea what the fuck I'm doing anymore. Let's go to the tape...

Big winner for the day: Pocket Tens. Yes, folks.. I played almost 400 hands today and my biggest winning hand was pocket tens. I scratched a measly $5 profit.

Big loser for the day: Me. Pocket Jacks 3 times. Never held up and sunk me for -$9. KQ offsuit 13 times! They held up once for $1.50. Not enough to stave the bleed, though, total loss on that hand was -$11.50.

The monster "fuck me standing" hand today was pocket Kings. I got the Cowboys 4 times!. Total times they held up?

Zero. Zip. Nada.

Of course, like any good post-flop pounder, I bet the shit out of the boys and they sunk me each and every time. Total loss, -$17.50.

I don't have much to say at this point. I'm just so totally stunned at the volume suckouts and losers I had today. A complete statistical anomaly, I know, but it still hurts. The worst of it is my confidence. The calling stations were killing me.. They had it each and every time.

I wonder if maybe I need some help. This is two big losing days in a row. I guess mathematically it can happen, but I can't take many more of these.

Hopefully soon I can turn this around. If not, I'm fooked! Good thing this wasn't on the 1/2 tables!


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