Saturday, February 28, 2004

Fun With Math

PartyPoker might be the nuts in terms of people online and willing to gamb000000l, but their technology sucks sweaty nutsa.... ummmm... it blows. Seems a few days ago some 5kR!p7 K!dDiE decided to launch a denial of service attack on Party and other poker sites. Apparently, this sent the house of cards that is Party's server farm tumbling MIR style out of orbit, and they still haven't managed to get their shit straight 5 days later. 3 days ago, it was I couldn't get on a waiting list to save my life, so I had to play "whack-a-mole" with the tables to try to get an emptied seat. On broadband, this is difficult. Since I was in the glorious NorthWoods, I was stuck with dialup. I'd rather chew on Plutonium then have to deal with dialup ever again. I don't know how people without broadband don't just inexplicably fall into a coma waiting for stuff to happen on dialup.

When Party's servers are cupping the bishop, I can imagine that dialup customers must get homicidal. Hmmmm.. Maybe this is a good thing.. They're already on tilt before they even hit a table! (rubs chin)....

Anyway, to the crux of my problem. According to the hand histories I got back from Party from my play on the 26th, I made $5. Well, no... Clearly that's not the case, as my account activity history shows a clear and definite losing day. I know I requested all the hands I played.. I was very careful about doing that, so that's not the issue. I did get some 5 emails of 100 hands each, so, theoretically, I have 500 hands of information. I played around 280 hands on the 26th. WTF, Gus? With overlap, 400 hands were requested on the 26th.

So, Party is still screwing up my hands histories. This is a Very Bad Thing(tm) as bunk hand histories foul my ability to accurately track my progress. It also pisses me right off.

When I have some time tomorrow, I'll look into what exactly those rocket scientists sent me and how it fits into what I actually did. Something is clearly jacked up, just not sure what, or if I can fix it.

Goddamn kids.


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