Thursday, February 26, 2004

Runnin' On Empty...

So, I've been up here in the beautiful Northwoods with my mother for the last few days. More on this later, but I've spent a few more days then I originally intended too here.

Since I haven't played any poker in the last few days, I figured I'd take a couple of hours and play some .50/1 tables. The results were completely and totally hideous.

Here's the breakdown... At least an estimation. I played around 250 hands. I saw the flop about 23% of the time. Won money when I saw the flop? 11%. Won at showdown wasn't too bad, though admittedly, not many hands MADE it to showdown, as they were clearly outclassed. It was one of those odd days where I would literally not get anything for hands. Anything I would get would often and obviously be dead by the river. Top pair on the flop would see a straight draw on the board, or 3 to a flush and someone would wake up. Suited connectors would make 4 to the hand but fail to complete.

The blessing of many callers to the river became a curse as scary board after scary board would come across... The chances someone connected were huge, and, if this can be considered a Good Thing(tm), at least I was making the right folds. Still, pounding winning hands to the turn or river only to see it get dominated cost me a ton.

Total take: -$29. Ouch.

Trying to play 3 tables at once on a 17" screen with a resolution of 1024x768 is near impossible. I had to play "popup" windows to play my hands, which meant I couldn't follow the action on any of them. Though I don't think this really cost me any money this go-round, it was annoying. Also, since I'm not at home, I don't have the notes on any of the players. I have enough notes on players at home at this point where I can be sure that at least 2 other people are someone I've seen before. It helps to have prior knowledge of these people. Most of all, though, it was just a bad card night. I played tight and smart... Just never got the opportunities, and took a few hard losses. Not bad beats, really, just typical Party shit like AKo pairs the K and goes down to a guy with K4o who pairs his kicker on the river, or the joker that runs you to the river with 83s and hits the runner-runner flush. I love that stuff. Today, I'll lose $30 to them. Tomorrow, I'll make $90 back. I'll pay 1 for 3 any day of the week, and twice on Sunday. I see the $30 I gave to the idiots as an investment in my future. Perhaps even better.. They get lucky, build a little bit of a bankroll with their nipplehead plays, and think that they've got the game covered for the next level. So, they might suck a sawbuck off me one day in .50/1, but I'll run into him again in 1/2 and you can do the math from there.

These are glorious times, my friend!


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