Sunday, March 21, 2004

Where'd Who Go?

Yes, I'm still living. Been a wicked busy week at work, and I have had basically zero access to the Internet for these last few days since I've been training someone. The good news is, I get paid time and a half for every hour of training I do. One of the shining lights in an otherwise suck-ass contract.

Have played exactly zero poker since last writing too. Again, too busy. Plus, I finally got around to replacing my dead CD-RW drive with a DVD+-r+-rwcd+rw=w/6.322% blah blah... This thing does everything. My old drive was about 4 years old and it wrote CD's at like 4X. This thing smokes them out at some ridiculously fast rate, so I'm mas impressed. Haven't played around with DVDs yet, though. Anyway, this thing has illustrated in living color what kind of mind numbingly slow progress my old drive made. I still remember when the 2X CD reader was all the rage!

Of course, I still remember being all geeked out when we got an 80 column card for our Apple ][.


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