Friday, March 26, 2004

Into The Unknown

I have become the blogger I hate. My updates are becoming sparse and lacking of any real content and for that I apologize. Life events are dictating my attention. I want to write about it, to just pour it out on the screen, but I don't know how to express it in ways that would hope to make coherent sense to my readers. Perhaps at some point I will, but it has nothing to do with poker. I've always been one to not want to trouble other people with my problems. It's how I was raised. Help others. Give of yourself, and it shall be returned. I'm just not wired to receive.

I'm trying to find out the best way to go about my poker playing. I've run into the rut I figured I would, in that I find the best tables in the evening, but I almost never have the opportunity to play at that time. Since I work at night, I can only play during the day, and I don't do as well at those times. I have yet to play any 1/2 6 Max tables in the day, for fear that they might be shark infested. I may be totally off base, and those games are squishy soft. Won't know if I don't play!

I forgot to add that, in addition to the $11.25 I won at 1/2, I also managed to bag a quick +$10 out of .50/1. So, a quick +$21 and change. I'm happy to finally have some green showing on PokerTracker. I've played very little this month, and I think it's going to be a red ink month because of it. I think if I would have put the hours in, it would have turned around earlier, but again, I wasn't offered the time to find out.

Another thing I haven't had any time to do is keep up with my fellow blog brothers and sisters. I feel like I'm losing touch with the community, and I need to catch back up so that I know what's going on with you all. As Ozzy said, "I love you all, people". Trying to bust through that brick wall of writers block is easier when I know that you're still there reading my mindless drivel.

Anyway, going onward, I need to try to get some hours in this month and see what I can do about getting my bankroll solidly into the 1/2 realm. I'm at a decision point, though. I want to play the 1/2 6 max tables a little more to see if my success there is luck or skill. I feel like I'm really playing poker at the short handed tables, where as when I'm playing full ring .50/1, I'm in "robot mode". The 50/1 players are either unable or unwilling to notice the message I'm trying to send with my chips, and as a result, the implied collusion of everyone calling everything to the river makes it a crapshoot.

In the 1/2 6 Max games, I can read players much better, and they seem to take notice of what I'm doing.

There is still plenty of weak/tight play, but I find that people grossly overplay their hands at these tables. It's amazing to see someone ram and jam the living snot out of a pair of 5's even when the board and the betting clearly shows they're dead.

I think the logical thing to do is to head back to the 50/1 games and get the bankroll back over $400 before playing around in 1/2 anything, but I'm still stinging from the bath I took earlier. Perhaps the answer is to not multi-table. It'll make it a much slower grind, but going up slowly beats the hell out of going down fast.


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